Meet Our Officers

ACS Faculty Advisor — Dr. Tim Humphry

Mahan Hadjian — “President”

Mahan Hadjian is a junior chemistry major and current sitting “president” of ACS. The most venerable Mahan Hadjian can be found in Magruder in the Chemistry Contact Center (CCC), or in his domain, Pancake City. Dear leader Mahan Hadijan currently works in the Hoff lab on the amyloid-beta project. Il Duce, who is also known as Mahan Hadjian, has been training in the martial arts since he was seven  and has attained the status of a 3rd degree black belt. An interesting fact about His Eminence, Mahan Hadjian, is that he almost killed a cop during his driving test. Mahan Hadijan, who is a pretty cool guy, also spends his free time volunteering in the GI lab of his local hospital so that he may learn how to give his mortal enemies colonoscopies.

Kerstin Peterson — President-Elect

Kerstin is a junior biochemistry major from Jefferson City. She is the ACS president-elect but is also a proud member of Women in Chemistry, First Gen United, and Alpha Chi Sigma. In addition to all of these extracurricular activities, Kerstin also makes time for research in the Dobson lab, where she involves the proteins involved in forming cataracts. When she isn’t being a worker bee, she enjoys reading, making cards, playing D&D, and being an all-around wholesome person. Some interesting facts about her include her nonexistent tolerance for spice as well as her family hailing from Germany (which probably explains the earlier statement).

Molly Vittengl — Post-President

Molly is a junior chemistry major and a proud Kirksville resident. She is the post-president of ACS and is also involved in AXE as well as organic synthesis research in the Humphry lab. When she isn’t in Magruder Hall, you can most likely find her at Thousand Hills State Park. Some of her hobbies include reading, playing flute, searching for four leaved clovers, and playing the banjo on her front porch while watching the cattle roam.

Jess Ubbelohde — Secretary

Jess is a freshman chemistry major from Waterloo, IL and the sitting ACS secretary. She is also an avid member of Women in Chemistry and is currently rushing AXE. In addition, she also performs organic synthesis research in the Humphry lab. When she isn’t studying, she is most likely to be found in Chall in the third floor lounge. Some of her hobbies include running, watching Netflix, sailing, beekeeping, and caring for her pet tarantula. Wow!

Trey Maddaleno — Historian

Trey is a sophomore chemistry major from Unionville, Missouri. He is the ACS Historian and is also involved in the environmental affairs committee, AXE, as well as the McNair program. Besides this, he is also actively involved in the Winikoff lab, utilizing computational chemistry to model possible catalysts for energy-relevant reactions such as water splitting. On campus, he can be found in the CCC while his favorite place to go off campus is Take Root Cafe. His enjoys taking care of his houseplants and listening to music.

Cade Rohler — Fundraising Co-Chair

Cade Rohler is a sophomore chemistry major from Grundy Center, IA. He is one of the fundraising co-chairs as well as the self-proclaimed “Gremlin of the Chemistry Department”. He spends much of his time in AXE and performing biochemistry research in the Dobson lab–as well as resisting the illustrious Mahan Hadjian’s attempts to domesticate him into the most powerful man in the chemistry department. When he isn’t stealing the left sock of every passerby in the CCC, he can be found playing disk golf. He also enjoys playing D&D with his friends as well as reading and reciting poetry. He can also belch on command.

Molly Heubner — Fundraising Co-Chair, Kids and Chem Co-Chair

Molly Description

Jake Stange — Kids and Chem Co-Chair, Green Chem Co-Chair, Musical Demo Show Minion

Jake Description

Bruce Dolenz — Green Chem Co-Chair, Musical Demo Show Minion

Bruce is a sophomore biochemistry major from Atchison, KS. He is one of the Green Chem co-chairs as well as a Musical Demo Show apprentice. He is also involved in the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as AXE and is an active member of both the Humphry and Winikoff lab. Most often, he is found in the CCC being berated by His Excellency, who is Mahan Hadjian, or at Pancake City (still being berated by His Excellency, who is Mahan Hadjian). It has been alleged that the wise leader, Mahan Hadjian, once attempted to assassinate Bruce via the latter’s peanut allergy while Bigging him in AXE. Of course, this is all lies, and all would be wise to refrain from spreading such misinformation. One interesting fact about Bruce is that he has extra ribs in his neck (which he has come to dub his “baby back ribs”). Another interesting fact about him is that it took him half-an-hour to come up with an interesting fact.

Laura Smith — Demo Chair

Laura is a junior chemistry major from La Plata. She is the ACS demo chair and is a member of he Lutheran Student Fellowship. She spends most of her time in Magruder, where she does research on amyloid beta for the Hoff lab. Otherwise she can found at her house, accompanied by her beloved sheep as well as more than 10 houseplants named after famous scientists. Her favorite hobby is drawing.

Matthew “I Went to Westminster” Hoekzema — Social Chair

Matthew is a junior biochemistry major from St. Louis and a three-time social chair incumbent. He is a member of both AXE and BBB, and his hobbies include reading sci-fi as well as historical books. He also enjoys playing intramural soccer, volleyball, and video games. He is often found being harassed in the CCC for having gone to Westminster. When he isn’t, he is likely at ATSU doing biochemistry research in the Norimatsu lab or attempting to deal liquid oxygen behind Missouri Hall. He is an avid cook and well-traveled, having been to Greece, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda. During one of these expeditions, he kissed a giraffe.

Wendy Morfeld — PR Chair, Mentorship Chair

Wendy Morfeld is a sophomore chemistry major from St. Louis. She is the PR chair as well as the custodian of the Mentorship Program. She is currently in the midst of setting up a lab with Dr. Kramer, looking to investigate local Missouri waterways for traces of methamphetamine. When she isn’t in the CCC, she can often be found wandering the Kirskville Square. Her hobbies involve making arts and crafts (including custom vinyl records) with her left hand.

Tiernan Smith — Treasurer, National Chem Week Co-Chair

Tiernan is a junior biochemistry major from Galesburg, IL. He is the sitting treasurer of ACS as well as one of the National Chem Week co-chairs. Besides this, he is also a member of AXE. He spends much of his time in Magruder, but when he isn’t studying he enjoys reading, drawing, and playing both the guitar and the piano. He is great with fans.

Brock Boysan — National Chem Week Co-Chair, “Webmaster”

Brock “Brockoli” Boysan is a junior biochemistry major. He is one of the current National Chemistry Week co-chairs as well as the unofficial webmaster of ACS. He is also the official webmaster of AXE and the second most powerful person in the Miller lab, right before Dr. Miller, who is the third most powerful person in the Miller lab. When he isn’t studying possible inhibitory ligands for binding to HIV proteins, he spends his time in the Chemistry Contact Center disseminating propaganda regarding the correct way to pronounce chirality (“Chi” as in “wind chimes”). Webmaster’s Note: It is not propaganda if it is the truth. -Brockoli Off-campus, Brockoli “Best Actor” Boysan may be found purchasing toothpaste in the fruit snacks aisle of Wal-Mart. Brock has also described himself as an avid chess connoisseur, stating that he can be checkmated in as few as four-and-a-half moves.